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  • Sku: 5001005
  • Vendor: Woox

Smart power switch, 2300W

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Max power output: 2300W

Can connect with any device

Overcurrent protection

Product description

Woox has gained widespread trust in Europe as manufacturer of smart devices. Smart power switch 4967 is an excellent economy solution for remotely switching on/off electric devices and sockets. Remotely controllable and teachable with Robert Smart App.

  • Max power output 2300W
  • Can connect with any device
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Child safety feature

Product specifications

Product description

Manufacturer Woox
Model 4967
Wireless standard 2.4GHz
Max wireless range 25m
Input Voltage 230V
Max load 10A
Max power output 2300W
Product weight 49g
Product dimensions 88x39x23mm

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Smart power switch, 2300W


Product Functions

Remote On/Off

Turn your device on or off remotely and keep full control over its activity

Scheduled On/Off

Schedule the on and off function on your device and let it automatically work based on your personal setup

Overcurrent protection

Even if hidden behind a wall, this device has a built-in overcurrent protection which keeps all attached devices safe from damage

MAX power output 2300W

2300W power output allows you to connect to most lighting, air conditioning and other smaller-scale electrical devices

Voice control

Connect your device to voice control assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa and manage its functions by voice.


Group similar devices to control their functions all at the same time

Child lock

The child lock function in our app will prevent your child from physically turning the device on or off

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