Robert Smart App is solution to control all Tuya devices under one App.

Robert Smart App

One app for all devices

Control products of different brands with one easy-to-use app.

You will love Robert Smart App

If economy is your thing

Stay tuned not only with energy expenses but also your time - save it by controlling smart devices remotely and setting up automation of routine tasks with Robert Smart App

If you value safety

Be in control and feel safe with cameras and sensors installed around your home - all of them accessible remotely with Robert Smart App.

If comfort is your middle name

Improve the standard of living with Robert Smart App – raise the comfort with climate control and create a good atmosphere at home.

Different brands? No problem!

You no longer need to install a separate app for every smart device you use. Robert Smart App enables you to control, program and organise devices from different brands using just one app.

All you need – at your fingertips

  • Understand your device better - everything you need to know about your device: instructions, technical data and more.

  • Explore the full range of available products, services and possibilities of Robert Smart App

  • Get product news, highlights and special offers!

Our team is here for you

We speak your language! Receive assistance through the Robert Smart App in English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian or Russian.

We'll make sure you don't miss anything. Be the first to receive the latest news related to Robert Smart App, product catalogue and technical improvements.

Seamless connection with Google Home App

Our integration of the Robert Smart App with Google Home has been optimised so that setting up a smart home is easier than ever.