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  • Sku: 4815526
  • Vendor: Nedis

Humidifier-aroma diffuser with ioniser, 400ml/hour

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Humidity capacity 0.4l/h

Ionizer function

Aromatic oil tray

Hot or cool mist

Product description

Nedis has gained widespread trust in Europe as manufacturer of smart devices. humidifier-aroma diffuser 150 is an excellent comfort solution for increasing, keeping humidity levels and creating pleasant atmosphere indoors. Remotely controllable and programmable with Robert Smart App.

  • Humidity capacity 0.4l/h
  • Optimal solution indoors for up to 50m2
  • Max power consumption 110W
  • Hot and Cold mist
  • 5.5L water tank
  • Ionizer function
  • Aromatic oil tray

Product specifications

Product description

Manufacturer Nedis
Model 150
Wireless standard 2.4 GHz
Max wireless range 25m
Input Voltage 230V
Product weight 3420g
Product dimensions 245x370x330mm

What's included

Humidifier x1
Remote controller x1

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Humidifier-aroma diffuser with ioniser, 400ml/hour


Product Functions

0.4L/H capacity

Large humidifying capacity per hour allows you to humidify rooms effectively and fast

Hot or cool mist

Choose between mist temperature to create perfect atmosphere in room

Ionizer function

Makes bacteria harmless and reduce their activity. Also make air feel fresh as after rain

Auto humidity level

Set precisely at the desired level, between 30 and 75% RH

5.5L water tank

A water tank allows you to store up to 5500ml of water for uninterrupted use

Aroma oil tray

Add a nice aroma to the air via the aromatic oil diffuser tray

50m2 optimal area

Most efficient and best results in large rooms/premises

110W max power consumption

Energy efficient device with only 110W maximum possible amount of energy consumed for device operating at maximum

Low level detection

The device will automatically turn off when the water level is too low to operate

Digital display

Shows room temperature and device function buttons

7 mist levels

Choose between seven mist levels to fit your personal preferences

Voice control

Connect your device to voice control assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and manage its functions by voice

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