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  • Sku: 5015014
  • Vendor: V-Tac

Wi-Fi robot vacuum cleaner, wet/dry, black

Wet and dry cleaning

Brush system

Cleaning area and battery working time

Product description

The smart robot vacuum cleaner will sweep and wash the floors giving you the time to focus on other tasks.

This vacuum cleaner has both wet and dry cleaning systems, and you can easily switch between the two modes in a matter of seconds. As our product uses HEPA filter system, your smart vacuum cleaner will reduce dust and up to 99,8% allergens with high precision. In comparison to common vacuum cleaners, our smart device has a low noise level, therefore it will not bother you during the cleaning process. Together with our app you can create and set a schedule to clean your house while you are away.

  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • Brush system
  • Cleaning area and battery working time

Product specifications

Product Description

Wireless standard 2.4GHz
Max wireless range 25m
Rechargeable battery capacity 2500mAh
Max battery working time 1.5h
Battery charging time 5h
Brush system 2 brush, 1 roll
Suction power 1800PA
Wet cleaning Yes
Filter system HEPA
Socket standard EU
Product weight 2720g
Product dimensions 328x74mm
Dustbin capacity 600ml
Water tank capacity 350ml

What's included

Robot x1
Charging dock x1
EU charger adapter x1
Remote x1
Dustbin x1
Water tank x1
Mopping pad x2
Cleaning brush x1
Side brush x4
HEPA filter x2

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Product Functions

Wet and dry cleaning

Dual cleaning features allow you to change between different modes easily. Just attach the correct container and use it for both wet and dry cleaning

Brush system

The brush system with a main roll and 2 side brushes ensures a more precise cleaning regardless of your floor type

Cleaning area and battery working time

Our vacuum cleaner can clean vast areas of up to 120m2. The rechargeable battery operates up to 1,5h

Scheduled On/Off

Schedule the on and off function on your device and let it automatically work based on your personal setup

Suction power 1800Pa

With a suction power of 1800pa, the vacuum cleaner can provide deep cleaning with no trace of dirt and dust

Climbing ability and stair safety

The ability to climb up to heights of 1,5 cm is accompanied by a safety technology that can predict stairs and other height changes

Remote On/Off

Turn your device on or off remotely and keep full control over its activity

Automatic charging

If the battery status is low during the cleaning process, the vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the charging station

HEPA filter system

The built-in HEPA filter system will remove up to 99,8% of allergens, bacteria and viruses in the air while vacuuming

Voice control

Connect your device to voice control assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa and manage its functions by voice.

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