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  • Sku: 5025041
  • Vendor: Calex

Wi-Fi alarm siren, 230V, EU



Light alarm

Product description

Bring additional safety to your home with an alarm siren that will send real-time notifications to your phone once the alarm has been triggered.

If the alarm has been triggered this device will set off an alarm sound of 110db that notifies surrounding people at the location and immediately informs you via a notification on your phone. You will gain full access to the information about the status even if you are not home. Therefore, you can go about your day with ease knowing that in the case of an emergency, you will get immediately notified.

  • Alarm
  • Notifications
  • Light alarm

Product specifications

Product description

Wireless standard 2.4GHz
Max wireless range 25m
Input voltage 230V
Audio alarm 110 db
Light alarm yes

What's included

Siren x1

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Product Functions


When triggered, the alarm sirens will send off an alarm sound up to 110dB

Smart program

Create Automations for devices to complete their tasks automatically or set up Tap-to-Run to activate them with a single tap.

Ready to use

Thanks to the built-in power outlet, this alarm does not require an additional adapter


Group similar devices to control their functions all at the same time

Light alarm

In addition to the alarm sound, this device has a built-in light which flashes in the case of an alarm trigger

Alarm button

The alarm can be triggered manually with a simple click of a button that is attached to the device

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