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  • Vendor: Nedis

Wi-Fi plug with power meter, 16A/3680W, EU

Power meter

Real-time data + history

Remote On/Off

Product description

Save money and stay safe with Smart Wi-Fi Plug.
Smart electricity consumption monitoring Wi-Fi socket doesn’t just let you monitor your electricity consumption, but as well lets you turn the devices on and off directly from your phone with your Robert Smart app. Forgot to turn off the iron or heater? No problem – two taps on your mobile screen and they are off.

• Monitor power usage
• Set timings for switching on/off automatically
• Use voice control in combination with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri
• Suitable for all devices up to 3680 W

Always wondered which device is at fault for your bills being so high? Plug the socket in and identify the big power consumers at a distance of your fingertips. Finally found the guilty one? Turn it off from anywhere in the world with Robert Smart app, or put it on schedule to be off, whenever you have no need for it to be on. And see your bill decrease within the first months to come. Its as easy as that.

Connect this power plug with any device to control the On/Off function and accommodate them with smart features. For example: heaters, air conditioners, kettles, or any other standard device that uses regular On/Off switches can be remotely controlled and scheduled before you arrive home or wake up.

  • Power meter
  • Real-time data + history
  • Remote On/Off

Product specifications

Product Description

Wireless standard 2.4GHz
Max wireless range 25m
Input voltage 230V
Max Load 16A
Max power output 3680W
Socket standard EU
Product weight 84g
Product dimensions 55x55x81mm

What's included

Plug x1

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Product Functions

Power meter

Measure, monitor and control power consumption via Robert Smart app

Real-time data + history

Measured data will be saved in our app which you can compare with live data.

Remote On/Off

Turn your device on or off remotely and keep full control over its activity

Scheduled On/Off

Schedule the on and off function on your device and let it automatically work based on your personal setup

MAX power output 3450W

Large-scale power output allows you to connect almost any home appliance, like fridge, hairdryer and washing machine


Group similar devices to control their functions all at the same time

Voice control

Connect your device to voice control assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and manage its functions by voice

SCHUKO socket standard

High-quality contact springs inside the device ensure safety in daily use

Children safety feature

The built-in safety feature protects children from potential electrical hazard

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