Additional Help

How can I contact customer support?

If you have a question regarding our online store, devices or RobertSmart App, please contact us by email

We usually reply within less than 24 hours on weekdays (Mo-Fr).

How can I subscribe to the Newsletter?

You can subscribe to our Newsletter directly on the main page RobertSmart front page at the bottom of the screen.
Just enter your e-mail address in the given field and Join our Newsletter to be among the first to hear about future products, discounts, Blogs, and more!

Where can I get instructions for my Robert Smart remote?

Please note, that we at RobertSmart do not sell "Robert Smart remotes". These remotes belong to a different company with a similar, but different name. 

Therefore we will not be able to provide you with instructions for these kinds of devices.

How can I change the website language?

Our RobertSmart website is currently only available in ENG language.

Thankfully several Internet Browsers do offer an automatic translation option. Activating this option warry but for Google Chrome it works by:

1. Right-clicking anywhere on the website

2. Choosing "translate this page"

3. Choosing your preferred language

Please note, that this translation is then done by Google Translator. Therefore the translation quality might not be fully accurate.

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