Cloud Play service

What is Cloud Play?

Subscription based service that provides reliable camera recordings, secure storage and easy playback. Cloud Play lets you play, delete, screenshot and download the episodes from anywhere in the world 24/7. Even if your camera is damaged or stolen - your recordings are protected with Cloud Play service.
Flexible service allows you to assign subscription to any camera any time.

Subscription plans1

Good choice for testing the service and short-term needs. 
(FREE 30 days2 for first time subscriber).
Perfect solution for households with occasional need to check recordings.
Perfect solution for Businesses and analysis.

How to Subscribe


Tap on buttons intuitively

Select and subscribe
  1. To make sure you don't experience any interruptions in service, Auto Renew is active for subscription plans. To unsubscribe - go to service screen and unsubscribe.
  2. TRIAL Play plan is free for 30 days once per user.
  3. You can assign subscription to any camera according to your needs any time.