Start using your new assistant in just 3 steps

1. Download Robert Smart App

Scan QR code or download the app from App Store or Google Play

2. Create your account

Register your email address and create an account - now you can start adding devices.

3. Start adding devices

  • Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz network and enable Bluetooth.
  • Power up the device you want to add.Open Robert Smart App and follow on screen steps.
  • Rename your device to recognize it quicker.

Well done! You can now fully experience the capabilities of the Robert Smart App.

Manage your devices anytime and anywhere.

Share your devices between family members and friends.

Group similar devices to manage them all at once.

Program Scenes to perform multiple actions with one tap.

Program routines to perform actions automatically.

Use Voice Assistants as an additional way to control devices.

Robert Smart is not just an ordinary app; it is your personal life assistant every day!