Safety / Warranty

Before setting up a device, familiarize yourself with the product features, mounting instructions and safety guidelines at


Safety Message:

  • Before using this product inspect the device for any damages
  • Product must be used only for the intended purpose as described within the device overview
  • Before mounting the device, make sure that the electrical supply has been switched off to avoid electric shock exposure
  • Do not drop this device and protect it from overheating
  • Unless specified otherwise, do not use this device outdoors to avoid electric shock exposure
  • Keep this product, like all electrical products, out of reach to protect children
  • Regularly inspect the product for any sign of damages. If damage has been detected, immediately disconnect the device from the electrical supply
  • Do not attempt to repair, disassemble or modify the device.
  • This product should only be opened by an authorized technician when service is required to avoid damage
  • Unless specified otherwise, clean only the device surface. Avoid using abrasive cleaning solvents


If specified for outdoor use:

  • To avoid moisture exposure, use waterproof wires or plugs if needed


Warranty Conditions: 

  • Warranty is only valid if the original product acquisition document including the model name, purchase date and the seller information has been displayed


Warranty does not apply if:

  • Damage has occurred from improper installation or mounting process
  • The safety message and instructions have been neglected
  • There has been an attempt to modify or adjust the device
If the conditions mentioned above have occurred, all expenses related to the service have to be covered by the customer


Recycling Information:

  • Do not dispose of electronic devices with household waste
  • Return devices and batteries that are at the end of their life cycle to the public collecting points that are set up for this purpose
  • This symbol on the product, the instruction manual or the package indicates that a product is subject to these regulations
  • By recycling out of use devices, you are making an essential contribution to protecting our environment