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Step 1/13 Organize your home into one easy to use App

Smart home technology is created to improve the quality of your life. Thus, it should be easy to set up, manage and use these devices. Within the last decade, technology has rapidly improved, as now you can maintain your house using only your smartphone. However, if you scroll through the smart home App selection, you will notice the choice is overwhelming. Each smart home brand has its own App and this creates chaos for the customer. Imagine having to use multiple Apps every day. It would not only be time-consuming but also inconvenient. If your smart devices are connected to different Apps, they cannot communicate with each other. This means that you would have to use the devices separately. We have developed a solution that combines products of various purposes from different brands in one easy to use App. It is a massive step forward for smart home technology.

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You can download our RobertSmart App on both the App store and play store. It is available for free, thus, you don’t have to worry about any extra charges or hidden costs. The setup of your account is quite easy because all you need is your email address. Afterwards, you can start setting up your virtual home. Because you will be using most of your devices every day, we have designed our App structure to be practical and easy to use. For that reason, people of all ages and expertise levels will be able to navigate through the App. You can add up to 20 people to your virtual home, so even if you have a big family, everyone can join.

Before you start adding your smart items to our App, you will notice that there are 8 different device categories. Along with our carefully tested and chosen products that you can find within our online shop, we give you the chance to connect devices that are not yet available within our product selection. If you already own a smart device that you purchased from a different brand, it is still possible to connect it to our App. This is a unique feature that allows you to turn your house into a fully functional smart home with hundreds of different smart devices. There are simple steps that you will need to follow in order to connect your devices, however, it will take only a few seconds.



Every device has its own benefits, but without an App, you cannot access their smart functions. When you click on each device, you will be able to adjust the settings and use its features. Smart programs, however, are the key aspect for your home setup. There are three levels of smart programs.

  • The first one is a “tap to run” feature where you can assign tasks for various devices and perform specific activities with a single tap.
  • With the next level, you can create automations for your devices to complete the tasks without your help.
  • Within the last level, you can combine these two programs together and create an automated tap-to-run.

With these simple functions, you will be able to not only save time and money thanks to our RobertSmart App, but also start to build your personal "Assistant", that will continue to improve with every new device and automation you add to it.

RobertSmart app

Now that we have explored the overall main benefits of our RobertSmart App, we can take a closer look at each function separately. Within the next posts, you will be able to read about the setup process, App features and smart programs in more detail. Follow our social media accounts and don’t miss out on our next publications.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.