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One smart gateway to manage all your devices

Even if you don’t know much about gateways, they have been around for quite some time. Moreover, you probably have at least one in your home. Your Wi-Fi router is one type of gateway device. As the name states, these devices act as a gate for information. You might be asking why you would need any other gateway device other than the router you already have? The truth is that these devices have developed over the years, becoming beneficial to your smart home setup. Essentially it is a communicator between your devices and the cloud. There are different types of gateways on the market that work with both smart and regular everyday devices.

We want to focus on the remote-controlled appliances that are all around you. You have the chance to give them smart features with the help of a smart hub, as it can be useful to avoid clutter in your home. When there are too many remotes lying around, it can be frustrating to find the right one. You can replace all of them and manage everything via your phone. In the end, you will save money by not having to buy dozens of batteries for a collection of remotes.

is there a ir remote app that works

You can find a smart universal remote control within our gateway collection with one of the largest pre-set code database. Any remote-controlled device that you already own can be connected to this smart hub, which you can access via our App. It does not matter what brand or type of appliance you want to connect. Even if you cannot find the device between the 8000 codes on the list, you can add it manually by placing the remote in front of the hub and clicking the buttons one-by-one.

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There is no limit to how many devices you can connect to the hub. Moreover, you can control them from anywhere. Take your TV, for example. No matter what you do, the remote control of your TV somehow always disappears when you need it the most. Instead of creating a mess by looking around, you can just use your phone. The same is possible with your heaters, speakers, air conditioners, only to name a few. There are endless possibilities that are all wrapped up in one compact hub. Put all of your remotes away, because you will not have to worry about it ever again. Furthermore, when you unplug the device from the electricity, no data will be lost as it is securely saved in the cloud.

On top of managing devices manually, you can automate their functions to fit in your daily rhythm. A good example is your heater. You can create a schedule for the heater to start working shortly before you arrive home. For the time when you are not home you can keep the heater turned off to save money on your electricity bill. Even your music can be automated. Set for your radio or speaker to turn on right when you get up in the morning to start your day the right way. If there are devices like outdoor lights that you would like to turn on all at once, you can select the specific lights and manage them all together. These were only a few examples out of many automation options that you can create within our App.

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Your everyday remote-controlled devices can gain a whole new purpose with a compact hub that can fit anywhere. Don't worry about finding the right remote, as everything can be managed with one app for all devices.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.