new smart device collection with new features

New products added to our collection

New year comes with fantastic news from RobertSmart. Because we always want to improve your smart home experience, we have added 3 new devices to our selection. As always, all of these devices can be managed via our RobertSmart App. In addition, we have introduced a whole new category of devices that is all about health and exercise.

improve health with smart home devices

Health and exercise product collection can create new possibilities for you. Moreover, this category is less focused on advancing your house, and more concentrated on your personal health, as the aim of these devices is to improve your overall well-being.


what s a good reliable body scale


Do you still have that old scale hidden somewhere in your bathroom cabinet? You want to hold on to them because maybe one day you will feel the need to use them. Or maybe you are interested in wellness but still haven’t found the right scale that would upgrade your fitness game. Either way, we all know that weight scales traditionally do not have a lot to offer, except for the basic function of telling your weight. However, that is no longer the case.

No matter if you want to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, our smart scale can be the perfect tool to help you achieve your weight goals. You can even go further by analyzing detailed 15 measurement data. We all have different body types, and with our smart scale, you can fully understand your body composition and find out what you need to improve. It is a must-have smart device for everyone in your family because you can analyze exact muscle, fat, and protein rates only to name a few. Better yet, you can always check your progress as all your data is secured in the cloud. 


color changing light bulb app

Our goal is to find a light bulb that would allow you to set the mood with colors and brightness features all for a great price. However, instead of just one light bulb, we have added two. Like this, you can find the right size for your lamp. Essentially you will give a new smart life to the lamp that you already own. Because each of the light bulbs costs under 10 euros, it would be rather inexpensive to swap out all of your old light bulbs in your home.


smart home product upgrade

We will continue to add new products and categories to our collection, so if you are interested in smart home advances stay tuned for what comes next. No matter if it's a new bulb, camera, plug or any other smart device, you can manage them all with one App for all devices.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.