Step 2/13 How to start your home automation

Step 2/13 How to start your home automation

Everything that you want to achieve in your smart home can be done within our RobertSmart App. We give you the option to choose between various settings and smart programs to make your day seamless and delightful. Only you know what is best for your daily routine, so we provide the right tools and leave the creative part up to you.


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Our App is easy to navigate, however, you can create a layout that better fits your preference by changing the name and location of each device. Within the device management section, you can move around each device and place it wherever you see fit. If you click on each device on your home screen you will gain access to all the device settings. Therefore, it could be helpful to put the devices that you use most often at the top of the list for easy access. At the top bar of the main page, you will notice an overview of the weather forecast. If you choose to set up your Home Location, our App will show you the weather conditions around this location at any time of the day while also enabling additional location based-functions.


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Smart Programs allow you to take the next step in your home automation journey. With our App you can set up for all your smart devices to follow your daily rhythm and work without your interference.

We give you the selection of two types of smart programs:

  • Tap-to-Run feature can be understood as a shortcut for smart device groups or specific features. This smart program allows you to link together various devices and their smart functions. When creating a Tap-to-Run, you will be able to choose various tasks and features that you can all activate with a single tap.
  • Similarly, Automations are based on the conditions and tasks that you assign. However, once you have set up Automations, you will not have to adjust anything manually. Link together multiple devices and set up specific conditions for the devices to automatically work according to your requirements.
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Within the Profile section you can access all your general settings for both your Account and virtual Home. Here you can add a photo, write a nickname and arrange your security details. Moreover, your notifications will be saved within the Message Centre, where you will see in detail when each device has sent you a notification. Even if you disable push notifications on your phone, all messages will be archived here in case you want to access them.

If you have decided to join or create a new Home, this section is the right place where to do it.

Therefore, whenever you need to adjust overall settings it all can be found by clicking on the Me button on your home screen.

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Our goal is to provide a user experience that is not only practical but also fun. Create a home where form follows function and start building your smart home Assistant with our RobertSmart App. Next week we will explain how you can set up your Profile and customize your first virtual Home.

RobertSmart App constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.