save money on electricity bills with smart power strip

Give your home appliances a smart life

The amount of electricity that you spend directly correlates with how much money you will need to pay. We offer a solution that is not only cost-efficient but also will increase your comfort. With smart electrical devices, you can save money by conserving energy, and at the same time, give your existing home appliances a new purpose.

What if I told you that any electrical device in your home could become smart?

It is quite possible and easier than you might imagine. All you need is a smart electrical device like a power strip and our RobertSmart App. Don’t believe that it can be that simple? Smart electricals have the unique ability to give any plugged-in device certain smart features. This means that you can access all appliances from any location via your smartphone. If you connect your entertainment system with a smart power strip, you can conserve enough energy within a few months to earn back the money that you spent on the power strip in the first place. Even if your TV is in standby mode, it will use quite a lot of energy. And to avoid connecting and unplugging your devices every day, we have a better solution.

RobertSmart app

In our selection, you will find various smart plugs, power strips, and a power switch. These simple devices hold the ability to transform how you use everyday products. Starting with the lamp in your bedroom, fridge in the kitchen, even the water boiler in the bathroom can become smart. With our App you can control and measure power, schedule working time, and connect them with other smart devices. Now that the holiday season is approaching, this is the perfect time to connect your Christmas lights with smart electricals. There is no secret that we spend more electricity during winter, however, it does not have to end with expensive bills. If you manage all connected lights and keep them on only when you are home, you will not have to worry about it. Moreover, you can come home every day, knowing that you will immediately enter a cozy atmosphere.

RobertSmart app

We all get the occasional fear about an unplugged hair straightener or clothing iron. RobertSmart gives you a valuable tool to avoid dangerous situations around your house, providing you peace of mind in the process. This is true because when you connect an appliance with a smart plug, you can always turn the outlet off via your phone. Moreover, you can automate for the electricity to shut down when you leave the house. Like this, you can create an environment that is not only safe but also functional.

By assigning tasks within our RobertSmart App, essentially, you give the device instructions about how it needs to operate. Take the smart plug, for example. When you connect it with your fridge, you can set for the electricity to start right back up once a power disruption in the kitchen occurs. And the same plug can be used in various situations around your home.

There are simple ways to give smart features to the devices that you already own without having to replace them. With RobertSmart, you can give a smart life to regular appliances with just one App for all devices.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.