Step 4/13 Start adding your smart devices

Step 4/13 Start adding your smart devices

To live in comfort no smart home is complete without smart devices. Let us guide you through different ways how to add devices to your smart home. We have laid out all simple adding methods, that you can easily follow along.

We want to create your smart home journey as convenient as possible. Therefore, you will receive a printed Quick Start Guide within the packaging of your RobertSmart device that will help to guide you through the device adding process within our App.

When it comes to this process, we can separate our product collection in two groups:

  • Devices with a reset button
  • Devices without a reset button

Most of our devices have a built-in reset button that you will should to trigger according to the guide. You will know that it is ready for connection once the indicator light starts blinking.

For products that don’t have this button, for example light bulbs, there is a slightly different way to do it. You should turn the light 3x On/Off, as this process will reset the device. You will know that it is ready to be connected once the light starts blinking.

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There are two connection modes of connection that you can switch on the upper right corner of your screen:

  • EZ mode, that stands for easy access, is a term that describes the default status when the device is ready to be paired with your Wi-Fi router. This is a simple linking method that you will recognize when the light on the device starts blinking rapidly (every 0,5 seconds).
  • AP mode, that stands for access point, is not a direct link with your Wi-Fi router as rather it connects the device first to your smartphone. This is a more advanced linking method that you will recognize when the light starts blinking slowly.

    We strongly advise to choose the default EZ method, as it is described in detail within our Quick Start Guide. As it is already stated in the name, this mode provides the easiest way for you to add your RobertSmart devices to our App.

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    After you chose EZ mode you can follow these simple four steps to finish adding devices Manually:

    1. Connect the device with your Wi-Fi network
    2. Confirm that the light is blinking rapidly (every 0,5 seconds)
    3. Wait for the confirmation
    4. Choose a room in your Virtual Home and select Done
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      The Auto Scan option is quite convenient especially if you want to connect multiple devices at the same time.

      Our App will scan the area and find all the devices that are ready to be connected. This means that devices that are turned on and remain within the EZ  mode will be found and added automatically. Once found, you will only have to choose the location within your Virtual Home and confirm the process.

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      You can also adjust the name and picture of each specific device to help you easily find them in your smart home setup. We will dive deeper within RobertSmart App fundamentals within our next blog post by sharing insights about device groups and how you can create them. Follow along as we build a smart home one step at a time.

      RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.