Step 6/13 Set up your first Tap-to-Run smart program

Step 6/13 Set up your first Tap-to-Run smart program

Within our last blog post, we have walked you through the functions of our RobertSmart App. Now that you have created your Virtual Home and added your devices, it is time to set up your first Smart Program. There are two types of Smart Programs, namely, Tap-to-Run and Automations. In this post we will focus on Tap-to-Run where the name already explains the core functionality of this program. Essentially you can create groups of any size by linking together any device in your home. Device grouping is available only for Lighting and Electricals, however, Tap-to-Run allows you to activate different types of smart devices with a single tap.

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You can access the Tap-to-Run settings by:

  1. Selecting Smart Program at the bottom of your Home Screen
  2. Tapping on the “+” button at the top right side
  3. Selecting Launch Tap-to-Run

Similarly to device groups, this Smart Program acts as a shortcut for device management. However, with Tap-to-Run, you have far more smart possibilities,  as each device has specific functions that can be semi-automated. This means that you can assign specific tasks for each device that will be combined into one program. For example, set for the lights turn on with a particular color together with cameras' motion detection.

Let's start creating your first smart program. Once you are in the settings you will notice that there are three types of tasks that you can assign:

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To activate multiple devices simultaneously, you should choose the Run the device task. This is the first step that you need to take for this Tap-to-Run program. Once the task is selected, you will be presented with all devices and their various functions, so here you should decide what functions you want to link together. 

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Select Smart task links together Tap-to-Run and Automation programs. Set up this task if you created Automation which you only want to activate in a specific moment. We will discuss this possibility in more detail within our next blog post.

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With the Delay task, you can arrange for the selected devices to change their status after a specific time period. For example, the lights change color from red to blue after a few seconds.

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To make it even more convenient, you can customize the name and style of the icon and further save Tap-to-Run programs at the top of your Main Screen. Once you have adjusted all the settings just tap on the save button to finish the process.

With Tap-to-Run you can create scenarios that you could activate at the right moment. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

  • Create a shortcut that would improve your movie nights. For this scenario, you can select all the lighting devices in this room and adjust their settings - set color and dim brightness to create a cozy atmosphere. Also add the TV power strip and the heater attached to the power switch to feel warm during these cold winter nights.
  • Summer is the perfect time to enjoy time outside, so create a Tap-to-Run to set the right mood when friends come over for dinner in your backyard. Select the porch light, radio and fairy lights, and when people start arriving, you will not have to arrange anything else. We want to emphasize that it really is up to your imagination to set up the perfect environment for every moment.
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Within our next blog, we will finish the journey through our RobertSmart App basics where we will walk you through the Automation process. Together we will overturn the myth that home automation is complicated and show you the effortless setup process. From there, you will have the knowledge to achieve virtually anything in your smart home as you start to discover the world that lies behind home automation.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.5.230 version.