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Step 3/13 How to set up your RobertSmart Account

Your RobertSmart Account is the base that gives you full access to all of the features and setting of your Smart Home. The first step is to set up your Profile and create your first Home, for you to start enjoying everything that smart devices have to offer. We will guide you through the process step-by-step so you will not miss out on any details.

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Create your Account by registering with your email address. Once you have received the verification code you can complete your Account by choosing your name and profile photo. Afterwards it is time to build your first Virtual Home. Your Smart Home organization depends entirely on how you arrange your Virtual Home within our App. As we have discussed in our last post, you can create your Home within the Home Management section of your Profile. Already at this point, you can customize your Home by creating a unique name.

Furthermore, no house can be complete without rooms. You can choose between the standard rooms like Living Room and Kitchen from the pre-set list, or create custom names for each space. Creating rooms will help you to stay organized, because you can separate devices according to their location in your house. For example, when you want to turn on your smart kettle, you will know that it is placed in the Kitchen, thus saving time by avoiding going through all devices in your Virtual Home.

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Just like in real life, within your Virtual Home, you can have many family members. As a Home Owner, you can add up to 20 members by sending an invitation code as a message or email. However, the most efficient way how to add a member is by directly adding a RobertSmart Account with their email address.

When choosing a Family Role for each member, you have a selection of two types of member roles.

  • If you set the member role as an Administrator, the Account will have almost the same possibilities as the Home Owner. The Administrator will be able to make any changes to the Home and devices as well as set up, adjust and delete Smart Programs.
  • Common Member, on the contrary, can only use the devices and Smart Programs. Therefore if you set an Account with this Family Role they will have limited access to this home.

If you want to join another home, the other Home Owner will have to follow the same steps. Once you have been added, you will get a confirmation notification on your smartphone. And just like that, you have become a family member of another Home.

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When you are setting up your Virtual Home, if you want you can also add your home location. Setting up your location is not necessary, however, it broadens your possibilities for Home automation.

  • First, you should enable the location settings on your smartphone. Once you have done that, our App will automatically find your Location.
  • You have to confirm that this is your residence by clicking on the Save button.

You might be wondering why you would need to set up a location in the first place. It will be convenient when you start creating Smart Programs, specifically Automations. Essentially your smart devices that are linked to your location will recognize when you are leaving or coming Home. Once you have set it up Location, you will receive additional information about the weather forecast like temperature and humidity on the Main Screen. It will further enhance your app experience because you can create Automations that follow weather patterns, for example, when the sun sets or rises.

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These few steps will help you to create a foundation for your Smart Home setup. Now that you have set up your Profile and Home, it’s time to add your smart devices. Within our next blog post, we will talk about the different ways that you can add your smart devices to our App.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.