Step 9/13 set up Automations to increase your safety

Step 9/13 set up Automations to increase your safety

What does security mean to you? Is it a feeling that you get when you know you’re safe? Perhaps it’s the realization that you’re in control of your surroundings. No matter what you answered to this question, we can all agree that the topic of security tends to cross our minds. As an indirect result, there are endless security system solutions available within today’s market. Undoubtedly in the past, such products were expensive thus making it seem like a luxury. However, not so long ago this narrative has shifted thanks to smart home products. Here we will demystify the process by creating our first security Automations, thus demonstrating that taking control of your own security is effortless.

home automation is easy

Home break-ins are still a prominent issue no matter where you live. Thus, within this blog, we want to focus on the potential solutions for this situation. There are multiple ways of how to go about it, however, we want to start with two diverse examples. For you to get a better idea of how you can set it up, we have created a step-by-step process that you can easily follow along.

Catch them on camera

Within the first example, we will create an Automation with your smart cameras, alarm and lights. This Smart Program will protect your home while you are at work, going on a trip or doing any other activity away from home. Within this Automation, the main “trigger” will be the camera, more specifically the motion detection within the camera. If someone tries to break into your home, the camera will trigger the alarm and lights to turn on. Moreover, you will receive a notification at that exact moment, giving you the opportunity to check the camera view and react before it’s too late. All of that can be put into a specific time frame, making sure that this Automation is active only when you know you will not be at home.

Take your home security anywhere

Here is how you can set up this Automation

1. Choose When device status changes
2. Select all your indoor cameras
3. Put Motion Detection On
4. Select Run the device

Achieve home automatio


Now that you have chosen the smart camera we can add the lights and alarm siren.

5. Choose the lights
6. Set the switch to turn On, adjust the Brightness, color Temperature and Left time
7. Select Run the device
8. Choose your smart alarm

Creating home automation is easy

After successfully linking the smart devices, don't forget to add the push notifications and Repeat time.

9. Set the Alarm state, Alarm volume, Alarm time, Alarm General Switch
10. Select Send notification task
11. Select Message Center
12. Choose the Effective Period and set up the start and end time
13. Set the Repeat time

Every time that your camera detects an intruder it will set off the alarm, turn on the lights and send you notifications so that you can react at that exact moment. No matter where you are, this Automation will work according to your rhythm, making sure that every moment is secure.

Don't let them climb through the window

Within the second example, we will shift the focus towards your windows. When creating your security you should think of all the possible entry points in your home, that includes windows. Within this Automation, we will link window sensor and the siren to immediately notify you if someone is breaking in during the night. One helpful tip for this Automation is to add two Conditions, namely Schedule and When device status changes. It means that the Automation will set off only if the window is opened at a specific time.

security system at home
First you should set the time for the Automation starting period.

1. Choose Schedule
2. Adjust the time
3. Select Run the device 
4. Choose the alarm siren

is smart alarm loud

After you adjusted the Schedule, you can add the second Condition

5. Set the Alarm state, Alarm volume, Alarm time, Alarm General Switch 
6. Select "+"  on Condition
7. Choose When device status changes
8. Select the window and door sensor

what door sensor can be used for

To successfully complete this Automation make sure that it works only when both of the Conditions are met. 

 9. Select Door lock
10. Switch On
11. Change to All conditions are met

push notification about alarm

As the last step set to receive push notifications and adjust the timer.

12. Select Send notification 
13. Click on the Message Center
14. Set the Effective Period

Now you will always get notified once someone is trying to break through your window at night with both a voice alarm and notification. This sensor can also be attached to any of your doors, thus the Automation can be used for multiple purposes. Avoid uncertainty by staying informed. 

    avoid breaks ins
        How and where you create your smart security can only be limited by your imagination, as the possibilities are endless. Smart home products are continually improving to make your life easier. To stay up to date with the latest features, we'll discuss a new addition to our smart surveillance cameras in our next blog post. This feature is a new program where you can live stream on your desktop with a view up to 9 cameras at once. Discover more about this program in our next post.
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