Step 12/13 Automate your Tap-to-Run smart program

Step 12/13 Automate your Tap-to-Run smart program

Our journey through our RobertSmart App will continue for years to come, however, we have arrived at the last two posts in the series of our App basics. Here you will learn how to combine Tap-to-Run with Automation, which will essentially save you time. Although it might sound complicated, it is actually the most effortless Automation on the list. That is because you most likely already have created a Tap-to-Run prior to reading this blog post.

Maybe you are asking this question: why would I need to Automate Tap-to-Run? The answer entails 3 words - even more comfort.

Before we get started, let's talk about Tap-to-Run a little bit. You can skip this section and go straight to the next chapter if you've already produced and used at least one tap to run. If you're unfamiliar with Tap-to-Run - it's a system management shortcut.

We have already looked at the setup and some examples within a previous blog post.  But to shortly recap, you can create scenarios to activate with a single tap —for example, movie night setup or morning breakfast routine.

You may use Automated Tap-to-Run to fully automate these programs if you use them often at a certain time or under specific conditions. For example, you can set a timer for 8:30 a.m. instead of clicking on the program that starts your breakfast routine with lights, radio, and kettle every morning. This is the only example of what can be accomplished.

The begging plays out the same way, as you need to ascribe one or more conditions. Here you should think about whether you want to base this Automation on:

  • Weather patterns (When weather changes)
  • Coming or leaving home (When location changes)
  • Your daily time table (Schedule)
  • Other smart devices (When device status changes)

    Moving on, you need to assign tasks. Here is where you can add Tap-to- Run.

    We wouldn't call the method for adding Tap-to-Run a trick because it is so easy. The only thing you can keep in mind is that it's part of the Select smart task. Once you've chosen, you'll see a list of all the programs you've created. Choose the one that will be used in this Automation and wait for the magic to happen. By magic, we, of course, mean Automation, as it feels like an invisible force is doing all the work for you. It is the power of smart home technology.

    But you don’t have to stop there. You can add additional tasks to make the Tap-to-Run program work based on more specific circumstances by adding tasks like:

    • Run the device
    • Send Notification
    • Delay 

    Now that you have learned a bit about this program let’s create a complete simple Automated Tap-to-RunLet’s say that you have created a Tap-to-Run program to manage all living room lights to turn on in warm tones. If you have noticed that you use this program often, you can Automate the function in various ways. Here is one example of how you can set it up.

    Let's start the setup:

    First, add the weather pattern to have the main trigger.

    1. Within Smart Program choose When weather changes
    2. Select Sunset/Sunrise
    3. Select Sunset
    4. Adjust to 5 minutes before sunset

    Within this part you should add the Tap-to-Run.

    5. Choose Select smart
    6. Launch Tap-to-Run
    7. Select the specific Tap-to-Run
    8. Adjust the Name, Style and Effective Period

      To this program, you can add any of the previously mentioned conditions and tasks to customize it for your daily routine. Use this example as the basis for all your future Automated Tap-to-Run programs.

      As you can see, this Automation has only a few steps because you have already done the setup beforehand. All the settings that you have chosen for this Tap-to-Run will play out automatically. Moreover, if you make some changes to the Tap-to-Run, the same changes will apply to the Automation, thus saving you time in the long run.

      The reason you want to keep both Automation and Tap-to-Run is that you never know when you'll need to change the light back to bright white color because you're running late with work. It's always convenient to be able to change the light setting on the fly without having to waste any time doing so.
      We are rapidly closing in to the finish line of RobertSmart App basics.  As a result, if you've read the previous 11 posts, you've become a RobertSmart App expert. Our journey, however, does not end here, as we have much more to share with you. We will once again talk in more detail about specific device features and settings within the next post, thus coming back a full circle.
      RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.5.230 version.