How to add Siri Shortcut to Robert Smart devices

Siri shortcuts

We have taught you on how to create Tap-To-Run. Now we are going one step further and letting you control your Robert Smart devices with nothing, but simply Voice command.

In this very Blog post we will talk about Siri – smart voice assistant available for iOS users, and how to utilize it to have full control over the smart devices.

First – Requirements :

  • iOS 12+
  • Robert Smart 5.7.335 or Newer application version
  • Tap-To-Run scenes created

Second – What is Siri?

Siri is Voice assistant created by Apple. Practically every device manufactured by Apple does let you access Siri and use it’s full potential.

Siri is not Smart Home management system, so it does not offer easy and straightforward communication with your smart devices and controlling them. However this is where Siri does shine – it does offer you Siri Shortcuts. Siri shortcut is something similar to Tap-To-Run, except – it does not require Tap, but rather does asks you to give Voice command for specific action to work. So rather than Tapping to trigger automation – Just give Siri a command.

Step-by-step guide

Robert Smart Voice assistant Siri
  • To add Siri, we should go first to Smart Program
  • In the right bottom corner under Tap-To-Run scenes, we will see button Add to Siri
  • Window with all Smart scenes will open and choose which one we want to add Siri shortcut to
Robert Smart voice assistant Siri 2

After choosing smart scene, which we want to apply Siri shortcut to – Siri window will pop up.

Siri automatically offers you to use name of the scene as voice command. If it does seem like a good pronounceable command to you – Press Done and shortcut is ready.
If not – Change Voice Phrase. By tapping this button, you will be given 2 options:

  • Enable dictation – You spell the command for Siri and it does save it.
  • Not now – This would give you an opportunity to type down your command for Siri. The benefits of this, rather than Voice dictation, are that you can type in your local language and Siri will recognize the command whenever you try to pronounce it.

Whenever command has been dictated/typed – you should double check, that it does not have any spelling mistakes and everything is correct. Siri does not like or understand commands which could be even slightly incorrect.

Robert Smart device voice control

As we have made sure that command is correct – press Done. It will give us Siri Shortcut window and we can see which of our created scenes are accessibly by Siri shortcuts and what command is attached to it. If we want to add Siri Shortcut to another Smart scene, we can just click on it, and same Siri command setup window will open as before.

When we are done with setting up Siri Shortcuts, we can open Siri, give a command and see how a simple voice command can make your life so much easier.

Robert Smart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.7.335 version.