Step 5/13 A simple guide for smart device grouping

Step 5/13 A simple guide for smart device grouping

Within our last post, we have discussed in detail how you can connect your smart devices to our App. Now that you have completed the device adding process we can start customizing their functions. You already know where and how to access each device separately, but we are interested in making your daily life as convenient as possible. The next step towards a fully functional smart home is to tap into the grouping functions.

one app for all devices

With Smart Lighting and Electrical devices you can use the advantage of device grouping. When you build your smart home these two device categories provide fundamental products like light bulbs and plugs. Because we tend to have more these types of products, we have acknowledged that grouping them would be rather helpful. This function will act as a shortcut for a more convenient user experience. You will be able to manage the whole group with just one tap.

To start your first group by:

  • Selecting a device on the Home Screen
  • Tapping on the top right corner
  • Selecting Create Group

You can always start the linking process by following these steps with all Lighting or Electrical devices. Moreover, it does not matter which device you choose first because afterwards they all will work as one.

how to make life easier

Keep in mind that it is possible to group up to 100 devices, therefore, you can create both big and small device groups. For example, your ceiling light has 4 smart light bulbs. Separately switching them On/Off can be irritating if you want to use them all simultaneously. Therefore, you can create a group just for the ceiling light by selecting all ceiling light bulbs. But don't limit yourself - create a group for any situation. For example,  link together lights for a separate lamp, a room or even for the entire house. The same applies to smart Electricals. Decide on the type of group that would help you to save time throughout the day. We don't want to limit your experience. Thus, we leave the device choice up to you.

smart plugs to save energy

As the last step, you can customize the look. Our App will automatically generate an icon and name based on the first device that you chose. However, as with all our smart products, you can customize the title, picture and location. Location in this case means choosing a room in your Virtual Home

A device group will visually appear as other devices on your Home Screen, thus customizing it will help you navigate through your Virtual Home daily. To change any of these settings, you can do so by:

  • Selecting a device on the Home Screen
  • Tapping on the top right corner
  • Click on the device Name

Additionally, you can adjust the group's location on your Home Screen by the selecting Device Management and moving it to the place where it is more convenient for you.

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As we have walked through the basics of device grouping, you will further have the chance to create Smart Programs based on both individual devices as well as groups. Next week, return to our blog to set up your first Tap-to-Run Smart Program and discover the creative possibilities within our RobertSmart App. With each step you are getting closer to your ideal home environment.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.5.230 version.