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5 smart home Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, however, this year we cannot celebrate this holiday the same way that we do every year. As we spend most of our time at home, it is a great idea to give a present that can completely transform the home environment. Thus, for your inspiration, we have selected 5 smart products that would make for wonderful Christmas presents.


color changing led strip controlled with app

First on our list is a smart LED strip. This product has become quite popular this year thanks to social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram and even streaming service Netflix. You can see endless options of where you can decorate the house with LED strips, for example, in your closet, around the TV, under the bed, around the window only to name a few. However, there is one thing that is in common for everyone - the possibility to create your own colorful environment. What we offer is beyond just that, because you can explore amazing features within our RobertSmart App. For this reason, a smart LED strip is a great gift idea for kids and teenagers. Let them be creative with colors every day.



save electricity in the kitchen


A smart plug may seem like a small gift, but don’t let the size and price fool you. Furthermore, this simple device holds the power to give a smart life to any device in your home. This means that any electrical device that you own can become smart. If you are looking for a present for someone who likes practicality and saving money, this is the gift that you are looking for. This plug has a power monitoring feature that helps to track down which devices use a lot of power, thus saving money on the electricity bill. Moreover, you can analyze this data to see exactly how much energy you have saved. Not bad for a device that costs only 14,98 that is also safe from any power disruptions.


smart devices that link to google home


We all know how important it is to have good lighting in your home, thus next on our list is a color-changing light bulb that costs under 10 euros. Because this device comes at a great price, you can create a setup multiple light bulbs as a present to light up every room of the house. Once you connect the light bulbs to our App, it’s possible to group all of the lights together. This is the perfect present for someone who is interested or already started to build their smart home. Even if the person does not know a lot about smart home technology, this is the product to start with as it represents color, light, and convenience all at the same time.


suggestions for small outdoor motion sensing camera
No matter the season, feeling safe is always important. That’s why we have included a smart indoor camera on this year’s Christmas list. This is the gift that will be most suitable for couples with children or pets as well as anyone you know who would appreciate a good security system. What makes this camera so special is the smart features that you can unlock with our App. This means that on top of the possibility to check the live view at any time of the day, but it will also detect any movement and immediately send a notification to your phone. It is like a motion sensor and security camera 2 in 1. You can even interact with anyone in the range of the camera with a two-way talk feature. There are so many more safety features that can be explored, making this a great security device for anyone on the budget.
 How precise is robot vacuum cleaner

We kept the best and most advanced product for last. Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for some years, but only now it has become an everyday product rather than a luxury item. However, there is nothing ordinary about our smart robot vacuum cleaner as it has the ability to scan the room, finding any obstacles, and automatically cleaning around it. On top of that, you can set countless virtual walls within our RobertSmart App instead of placing physical borders. This will be an excellent addition to your parents’ home a great present for a friend who has a busy lifestyle.


simple smart home products for beginners
We hope that you got inspired and found a smart device for everyone in your Christmas list. These are our top 5 smart home devices, but you can find more fantastic products by visiting our online store. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from the RobertSmart team.

RobertSmart App is constantly evolving, therefore, this information complies with the 5.4.210 version.